Tisbury School Technology Page

Important Information:

  • K-4 students do not have the use of email - All K-4 email goes to the parents
  • 5-8 students have the ability to use email for contacting their teachers directly and other students. They can not receive or send emails out of the tisburyschool.org domain.
  • If you borrowed a chrome-book from the school please restart at least once a week so updates can be installed.

    Who Should you contact if you have an issue:

  • Sue Leonard - Technician/Network Administrator - sleonard@mvyps.org (Office:508-696-6561 or Cell: 508-560-2466)
  • Melissa Ogden - Assistant Principal - mogden@mvyps.org
  • Teachers: Most emails addresses are created the same. Teacher's first initial, last name @mvyps.org (ex. sleonard@mvyps.org). If you don't know your child's teacher's first name check the web site. Go to the web site, click on staff directory
    Question/IssueSue LeonardChild's TeacherMelissa Ogden
    How to a get a forgotten password or logon?XX
    How do I borrow a computer/iPad from the school?XX
    How do I borrow headphones/headsets from the school?X
    My computer is not working, how do I get it fixed?X
    What do I do if I broke the computer/iPad screen?XX
    I need an app installed on my borrowed iPad.X
    I need a program installed on a borrowed computer. X
    I am having issues with the landing pages on the web. X
    I have no internet at my house. XX
    I no longer need the technology I borrowed and I want to return it.X
    My power cable for my device is no longer working. X

    Troubleshooting Borrowed Computers

    Question My computer is asking for an update, what do I do?
    Answer: If you can not use the computer/program because it needs to be updated then click on the update and see if it will update without an administrator password. If it updates you are all set. If it needs a password, email Sue Leonard, our School Network Administrator. Let Sue know it needs an update and you will need to drop it off at the school. If it doesn't stop you from using the program then don't worry about the update. I know it is an irritant to keep saying no but there are some updates that I don't want to do because it will wipe out several programs that may be needed.

    Question: What do I do when I start my MacBook computer and it is asking for an admin password?
    Answer: Hold in the power button until the computer turns off. It takes a little while so don't give up. When you restart the computer, it should start just fine. Remember to shut down the computer and not click on log off

    Question: How do I install Zoom?
    Answer: Go to https://zoom.us/download and follow the directions to install. When it asks if you want to install for everyone on the computer or for just you select just you and it should install just fine. If you click on everyone it will ask for an admin password and you cannot install.

    Question: How do I restart my internet that has stopped working?
    Answer: Laptop - Click on the icon for the internet in the tool bar across the top and select turn Wi-Fi off. Now click turn Wi-Fi on and make sure you have the correct Wi-Fi selected. Chromebook - Click on Wi-Fi setting and disconnect your Wi-Fi and then reconnect.

    Question: My child had the laptop at school today and now it will not work at home?
    Answer: Click on the apple icon in the upper left hand corner. In the drop down menu click on location and then click on out of school. When your child takes the computer back to school he/she will need to select school so it will work on the school wifi.

    Question:Why isn't my video working? Answer: Try this!

  • Click on the Apple in the upper left hand corner
  • Click on system preferences in the drop down menu
  • Click on security and Privacy
  • Make sure privacy is highlighted, if not click on privacy
  • Click on camera and make sure in the box to the right there is a check mark in the box to the left of zoom
  • You may need to restart the computer

    Question:Why isn't my audio working?
    Answer: Here are some suggestions of what to check

  • Check to see if it is a headphone connection issue.
  • Can you hear sound without headphones?
  • Check to see if the sound works when viewing a video
  • Are you only having issues when using Zoom?
  • Check to make sure your sound in not muted

    Question: I am using a chrome-book and the teacher said he/she can't hear me? Answer: Try this!

  • Click on the icon bar in the bottom right corner where you see the wifi & battery icons and the time
  • Click on the arrow to the right of the icon that looks like a speaker
  • Click on the headphones
  • click on microphone internal if you have not headset or headphones and using the sound from the computer or click on mic jack if you are using a headset or headphones

    Question: How do I turn up the volume on a chrome-book? Answer: Try this!

  • Click on the icon bar in the bottom right corner where you see the wifi & battery icons and the time
  • Click on the blue line to the right of the icon that looks like a speaker
  • Look at the speaker icon and make sure there is not a diagonal line on the icon and grayed out. If it is grayed out or there is a line it means the sound is muted. Click on the icon and it should unmute the sound.

    Question:Why is my sound quality so bad?
    Answer: Here are some suggestions

  • Wear headphones. Headphones help tune out external noises that can be distracting and removes computer speaker feedback.
  • Make sure the volume is turned up on your actual device. Audio controls are on the top row of your keyboard on the right side. Some headphones also have volumes on the cord.
  • Unmute your Mic in Zoom. When your teacher needs to hear you make sure your Mic is on.
  • Sit close to the mic. Make sure you are as close to the mic as possible. The mic is a tiny little dot to the left of the camera on the top of your device screen.

    Need help with your iPad

    Question:Why is the colors dark on the screen?
    Answer: This means you inverted your colors so that your white on black instead of black on white.
    How to fix it:
  • Open settings on your iPad
  • Tap General
  • Tap Accessibility
  • Tap Display Accommodations
  • Tap Invert Colors
  • Tap the switch next to Smart Invert to flip it to the off position


    Question: I can't save in Word or open a Word Document what do I do?
    Answer: Look on the desktop and locate the hard drive. It should be a rectangle icon with a name below it. Look at the name and if the name has symbols in the name double click on the name. Now rename the hard drive either to the computer name or you can just rename it hard drive. Word should save again and you should be able to open documents again. This can also work for other programs that are not working.

    Question: How do get into Google Docs?
    Answer:Go to the Tisbury web site www.tisbury.mvyps.org , click on Google Docs for Students in the top menu

    Question: How do get into Google Classroom?
    Answer:Go to the Tisbury web site (www.tisbury.mvyps.org), click on Google Classroom in the top menu. If you are already in Google Docs click on the nine dots in the upper right-hand corner and select Google Classroom

    Question:My teacher has sent an attachment that I can't open, what do I do?
    Answer:Let the teacher know but here are some things you can try

  • Look at the document name does it end in a .pdf, if so, this is a file that can be open with Adobe Reader. If you borrowed the computer from the school it should be installed. Try opening Adobe Reader first and then opening the attachment. If it is your own computer try downloading Adobe Reader. Go to www.adobe.com and at the bottom of the page you will see Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Click on it to install
  • Look at the document name does it end in a .doc, if so, this is a Word document. If you have Word, it should be able to be opened.
  • Most computers borrowed from the school have Word. If you don't have Word or it is an older version you can install Open Office which should also be able to open the document. Go to www.openoffice.org and click on I want to download apache Open Office.
  • If you don't see either extension of the name or these suggestions don't work let your teacher know that they need to get the information to you in a different way

    Question:How do I use Zoom?
    Answer: Please click on this this Cheat Sheet for Parents and Caregivers